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Pizza Factory Declares “No Bully Zone” at 110 Locations

With October being National Bullying Prevention Month, all 110 Pizza Factory restaurants will again promote the company’s “No Bully Zone” program.

Mary Jane Riva started the program in 2009 when she was a franchisee in Temecula, before she and her husband purchased the entire company of 106 restaurants in 2012. She then introduced the program company wide.

“We work with so many teenagers and when someone new was hired, sometimes they were not part of the ‘team’ right away,” Riva said. “I could tell how uncomfortable they were and also, if they were not friends with the other kids at school it was worse.”

Riva’s goal was to give the new teenage employees a chance to learn, and a chance for the other young adults to get to know them before judging them.

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