Who We Are

Here's to hands. Hands that cut and grgate and chop and bake. That sweep the floor and pull the tap. And slide that hot, fresh pizza out of the oven in all its bubbling glory. Here's to helping hands. The ones that proudly hang little league team pictures on the wall. That reach out to help those in need. And always seem to be waving hello. Here's to hands that have built The Pizza Factory. Where family and friends gather to share a slice and a smile. Where you can take a seat and order 'the usual'. And everything is made the way you'd make it -- with pride in doing even the smallest things well. especially those. But most of all here's to the hands that toss the dough! Because every time we see that pie in the sky, we know we're somewhere real. A place that's authentic and lasting. That's part of the neighborhood...and part of our lives. And nothing feels more awesome than that.

Who We Are

For over 30 years, Pizza Factory has stayed true to its roots. Hardworking owners and staff, family-friendly dining, and a high-quality product make us who we are. We take pride in the smile that first bite of pizza gives our guests. We strive to make everyone feel as if this is their hometown pizzeria.

“We Toss’em, They’re Awesome” — our hand-tossed pizzas are simply the best. Each bubbly, cheesy pie is made with the 100% real mozzarella cheese and our signature sauce. It’s hard to say what makes it so delicious: the dough, the sauce, or is it the fresh toppings? We’ll let you decide, if you can.

“Love this place! We have only done delivery, and the guys that deliver are always courteous, and the people that take our order are always sooooo nice!! We like the thicker crust pizza and that's what The Pizza Factory delivers on!”

We Toss'em, they're awesome!®

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Looking to join a thriving company and passionate community? Look no further. We’ve been serving up the best pizzas in town for over 30 years, and the nation is hungry for more. The proof is in the pie: since our early days in Oakhurst, California, we’ve opened over a hundred new locations… and the next one might just be yours.

If you’re a self-starter with a love of fresh food and a commitment to success, we invite you to be part of the Pizza Factory family. As our partner, you’ll receive unparalleled training and support to help grow your career. So what are you waiting for? Get your piece of the pie while it’s still hot, and start your journey today.

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