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Lincoln Elementary Unveils ‘Buddy Bench’ at Anti-Bullying Assembly

Students at Clovis Unified’s Lincoln Elementary are smiling a bit brighter and treating each other with more kindness as they take up the national Great Kindness Challenge, a positive and uplifting program that creates a culture of kindness in schools and communities.

The assembly concluded with the unveiling of a “Buddy Bench,” where children who want to make a new friend or who need a kind word can sit and others will come to help them out. The bench was made possible by community partner, Pizza Factory.

“The bench is designed to give kids a place to go when they feel lonely, sad or when they feel ignored and they need a friend. They can go sit down on this bench and the concept is somebody can see them on the bench and they can reach out to them and they would
know that they need a friend,” said Uma Patel, co-owner of Fresno’s Pizza Factory.

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Nationally acclaimed youth speaker Josh Drean (far left) and Lincoln Elementary Principal Matt Verhalen (far right) join community sponsors Heman and Uma Patel (center), of Fresno’s Pizza Factory, to unveil the “Buddy Bench” during the school’s anti-bullying assembly to promote The Great Kindness Challenge on Feb. 1, 2018.

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