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Pizza Factory Honors Nine Mile Falls School District Staff

In keeping with tradition Fred and Torrey Reichwald, new owners of the Pizza Factory in Suncrest, hosted an Appreciation Luncheon for all Nine Mile Falls School District staff.” We appreciate all that the school district staff does for the kids and the community,” shared Fred. “We wanted to continue this tradition of treating the staff, and it was fun to catch up with teachers who had our kids in their classrooms.” This year’s luncheon was held the week before school started on August 24. The date was coordinated with Superintendent Brian Talbott as they wanted to ensure a day and a time that would accommodate the staff of all four schools.

This is the seven year that school district staff have enjoyed this treat. The Pizza Factory partners with the district by supporting Rachel’s Challenge in the schools with “Don’t be a bully” shirts, displaying the “challenge of the week” on its reader-board, and a Kindness Room at the restaurant.

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